Mindset Talks Vol. 2

Growth Hacking, Mindset Talks Vol. 2

The Event

16 Apr 2022 16:00
University of Nicosia, Cine Studio

Growth Hacking Mindset Talks 2 is an event gathering where live talks and performances are shared. Imagine 2 hours filled with brilliant speakers and mind-blowing talks. The content of the event is filled with unique talks prepared independently, but all of them have the common goal of personal and business development. The event is organized by Growth Hacking Cyprus team and it lacks any religious or political agenda. The Event Will be in Greek

Opening Speaker

Kyriacos Kokkinos
Deputy Minister for Research,
Innovation and Digital Policy

Kyriacos Kokkinos is the Deputy Minister to the President for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, since March 2020. He previously served as the Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation of the Republic of Cyprus, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Research & Innovation Foundation and Member of the National Board of Research & Innovation. Kyriacos will talk about what he sees in the future for digital transformation of both businesses and the government in Cyprus. 

Marinos Hadjivassiliou

The Presenter

Marinos Hatzivasileiou
Radio presenter, TV shows, podcasts
Actor and writer

Marinos Hatzivasileiou, is a well known actor who participated in several local tv series.  

The sport world of tomorrow: Challenges & Opportunities

Leondios Tselepos
Legal Consultant
Sport Management Expert

Is the sport world a sector/platform offering opportunities for intra/entrepreneurship? Can the sport world cope with the technology advancements and the competition with other forms of entertainment? Is the sport entrepreneurship a blessing or a curse? Can the sport sector be a tool for social development/change? We will attempt to provide answers to these questions by sharing best practices and exchanging personal experiences in order to satisfy the original Olympic motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius"! 

The power to adapt

Andreas Giortsios
Journalist,Tv and Radio presenter.

From newspapers to www and to Tik Tok. In times of change either you ll adapt to the winds of change or you gonna stay at the same point for so long that when a time comes your choices will be limited.


Metaverse - A deep dive into the ‘future of the internet’

Savvas Chatzichristofis
Neapolis University Pafos

On October 28, 2021, Facebook announced its new name, Meta. The name change is entirely in line with the company’s intention to transform its services, forming an altogether new metaverse. The announcement marks the start of a new era for the IT giant, estimated to cost more than $50 million. The media worldwide host the name change on their front pages and introduce to the world the new technology that aspires to transform the internet. But what is metaverse, and how does Facebook envision the future of the internet?

NLP The Art of Communication

Charalambos Soleas
Psychotherapist, Master Coach, Master NLP Trainer
Seminar Facilitator, Hypnotherapist

Communication is very important on human relations, personal and business, at these presentation Charalambos Soleas will explain with simple techniques from NLP (neuro Linguistic Programming) how you can use language techniques to pass any message you want to other people.

The Perfect Business for the 21st Century

Efrosyni Adamides
Mentor,  International Speaker
Trainer and Business Growth Expert

The world is changing fast and to keep up with this, entrepreneurs need to become adaptable. The principles that worked 10 years are not as effective in today’s world and in some cases have even become obsolete. However, there are some key fundamental ingredients that remain timeless. During this talk Efrosyni shares what the key ingredients are to building a perfect business and how to adapt it in the 21st century to make it sustainable and thrive during uncertain times.

Maximizing Sales from Digital Marketing

Adonis Anastasiou
Managing Director
Adonis Business Academy

Adonis Anastasiou is the founder of Adonis Business Academy one of the leading training canters in Cyprus. He has studied Administrative Management at California State University and his the first Certified Google Advertising Professionals in Cyprus. Adonis will talk about a step by step process on how to maximize your sales through digital marketing. What are the digital marketing tools with the highest return on investment.

Be ahead of the game

George Malekkos
Software Innovation Architect

George, as a Software Innovation Architect, CEO of his own company, has proved that he has the high level business skills and responsibility, which can lead with no doubts to a successful entrepreneur and be ahead of the game by tracking innovations and implementing modern solutions into a business strategy.

Growth Hacking, Mindset Talks Vol. 2

The Venue

University of Nicosia, Cine Studio
Makedonitissis 46, Egkomi
2417 Nicosia, Cyprus


Cine Studio is one of the best cinemas in town, with comfortable seats and state of the art film projector and stereo system. It screens quality movies for students and staff and is also open to the public at large. Besides regular shows, Cine Studio organizes screenings of films of special interest: works of famous directors, film festivals originating from a particular country or genre, famous classics, and others.





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