Mindset Talks Vol. 3

The Event

13 Nov 2022 16:00
Attikon multicultural space, Paphos

Mindset Talks is an event gathering where live talks and performances are shared. Imagine 3 hours filled with brilliant speakers and mind-blowing talks. The content of the event is filled with unique talks prepared independently, but all of them have the common goal of personal and business development. The event is organized by Growth Hacking Cyprus team and it lacks any religious or political agenda. The event will be in Greek.

Democratizing Energy

Georgios Lakkotrypis
Former Minister of Energy,
Trade, Industry and Tourism

As the planet undergoes its transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, the need to accelerate this path has become imperative, mainly for environmental, but now, because of the energy crisis, and for economic reasons. In this presentation we will examine how the evolution of energy production, from hydroelectric limited practically next to or near rivers, to internal combustion production from large power plants without geographical limitation, to a model of dispersed production and storage systems, has democratized energy. The evolution of technologies has now placed the consumer at the center allowing him to be simultaneously the producer, manager and consumer of an energy source that is available to everyone, that of the sun.

Computational Creativity

Savvas Chatzichristofis
Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation
Professor of AI Neapolis University Pafos

Man, through his creativity, gave birth to the arts and gave color to life. What would humanity be like without Beethoven's ninth symphony? Would love have the same meaning if Shakespeare didn't praise it in Romeo and Juliet? How would we define the standard of beauty if Leonardo da Vinci didn't paint the Mona Lisa? Would Paris be as beautiful without the Eiffel Tower? Machines may surpass human nature in the way they solve mathematical problems. Still, they cannot, in any case, perceive the flight of activating emotions and the dialogue with the soul. Or can they? 

The Science of Getting from A to B

Dr Melina Moleskis
Decision scientist & Behavioral economist 
Founder of meta-decisions

Goals are great. Only there is no magic formula for getting from where you are to where you want to be. Whether your goal is getting more customers, more revenue, motivating your employees, having a successful digital transformation or, at a personal level, getting more exercise, eating healthily and doubling down on energy efficiency. No magic formula. But there is a systematic approach. Used by modern businesses of all sizes - from giants like Google to start-ups – as well as governments, NGOs, individuals. The approach is based on Behavioral Science and it's about understanding how we (really) make decisions. Hint: We are not as rational as we like to think. Are you ready to reach your goals?

Copy… Paste…. / Forget the "Scanner" syndrome inside you and create!

Eteoklis Papanastasiou
Eteoklis Advertising
Visual communication and advertising

Copy… Paste…. / Forget the "Scanner" syndrome inside you and create! Have you ever thought that you are a remote controlled machine that simply executes instructions? You look for ready-made solutions and simply copy what is happening all around you. The “Scanner” syndrome can only be defeated if you have the courage to say NO to the usual and take risks!

Less influences, more you!

A unique culinary journey

Chryso Lefou
Television Presenter  
Chrysomageiremata i-magazine

Chryso Lefou presents the new cooking show "Gefstiko Taksidi" on RIK, where she cooks daily with guests and on weekends where she travels all over Cyprus. Also, through her collaboration with the company Notsobigfish, the monthly i-magazine "Golden Meals" is published where she supports the Cypriot Gastronomy. At the same time, she is preparing for the publication of her first cookbook "46 moments of my life", where each recipe is also a memory, a unique culinary journey. In conclusion, she has dedicated her whole life to Cypriot Gastronomy. An integral part of the culture of this place.

Riding the cortisol curve

Dr. Stephanos Ioannou
Psychophysiologist | Neuroscientist
Limassol Psychological Wellbeing Centre

Cortisol is a stress hormone and although essential for your survival it could put you into a treacherous path of destruction both mental and physical. During these 15 minutes you will learn biomechanical ways to control your stress so that you feel more energised, less stressed, more content, be more present and also enjoy a more restful sleep.

How to destroy your idea!

Marinos Cleanthous
IP Attorney (EU)
Founder of IP CYPRUS

A short copyright survival guide. Everyone who has an idea is excited. And they are eager to implement it. But what happens if they don't take early measures to protect her? Marinos Cleanthous will present in a simple and illustrative way the most common mistakes made by all those who have innovative business ideas and will explain why it is important before any action, that those involved know their rights and how they can secure them.

Driving the Transformation: Digital, Culture and Beyond 

Nikolas Nikolaides
Director in Tax, Reporting & Strategy at PWC
Chartered Accountant

Nikolas will talk about the need for Business Transformation. The critical role of an organisation’ s Culture in achieving sustainable change. Using insights & analytics to guide decisions and measure effectiveness. Why putting People in the center of every Transformation and Change effort matters.

The Presenter

Socratis Ioakim
Editor In Chief Forbes Cyprus & Insider

Socratis Ioakim, is the Editor In Chief Forbes Cyprus & Insider at Phileleftheros. Socratis will be the presenter and coordinator of Mindset Talks Vol. 3

Growth Hacking, Mindset Talks Vol. 3

The Venue

Attikon multicultural space
Leoforos Evagora Pallikaridi, 38
Paphos, Cyprus

This historic building in Paphos that for decades sealed the social and cultural life of the city has recently been transformed into a modern conference center and a multi-cultural space. The renovated building is the site that housed one of the oldest and most historic cinemas in the city. With a capicity of around 250 seats Attikon has alot of space to make sure there is a safe distance between everyone attending.






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