Growth Hacking
Mindset Talks Vol. 3

23 Oct 2022
Growth Hacking, Mindset Talks Vol. 3

The Event

23 Oct 2022 16:00
Attikon multicultural space, Paphos

Growth Hacking Mindset Talks is an event gathering where live talks and performances are shared. Imagine 2 hours filled with brilliant speakers and mind-blowing talks. The content of the event is filled with unique talks prepared independently, but all of them have the common goal of personal and business development. The event is organized by Growth Hacking Cyprus team and it lacks any religious or political agenda. The event will be in Greek.

Growth Hacking, Mindset Talks Vol. 3

The Venue

Attikon multicultural space
Leoforos Evagora Pallikaridi, 38
Paphos, Cyprus

This historic building in Paphos that for decades sealed the social and cultural life of the city has recently been transformed into a modern conference center and a multi-cultural space. The renovated building is the site that housed one of the oldest and most historic cinemas in the city. With a capicity of around 250 seats Attikon has alot of space to make sure there is a safe distance between everyone attending.



Event tickets are limited in availability so please make sure to reserve your seats by clicking the book now button below several days before the event date. Registrations wont be accepted at the event but only on-line before the event.

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