Sofa Academy
Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

Sofa Academy, Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

The Event

02 Feb 2024 19:00
Growth Hacking Cyprus Studio, Paphos

You are invited to join us for the upcoming Sofa Academy session, focusing on how to identify your ideal customer profile scheduled for Friday, 2nd of February 2024, at our Paphos studio. Andrew Michael, our esteemed trainer, has 14 years of experience in digital growth companies with a focus on customer retention, product development, strategic planning, and marketing. The talk will be in English


Sofa Academy, Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

Andrew Michael
Retention-Led Growth and SaaS Leader

Discover the art and science of customer profiling in this keynote. Tailored for businesses across all sectors, this presentation will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of identifying and understanding your ideal customers. From the basics of customer segmentation to the latest in data-driven profiling, you'll gain insights that are immediately applicable to your business. Leave with actionable strategies to refine your marketing, enhance customer engagement, and drive your business forward.


Sofa Academy, Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

Meeting Place

Our training session will take place in our studio in Paphos

Alexandrou Papagou Ave 15,
Paphos 8027

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