Sofa Academy
the Power of Google Ads

Sofa Academy, the Power of Google Ads

The Event

17 Nov 2023 19:00
Growth Hacking Cyprus Studio, Paphos

You are welcome to attend to our next Sofa Academy which will take place on Friday, 17th of November 2023, in our studio in Paphos. In this training session, our trainer Adonis Anastasiou will give us a glimpse of the Power of Google Ads, a journey that will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to harness the true potential of Google Ads for your business. The training session is open for anyone to participate so please make sure to book your seat beforehand since they are limited. Cost: 20€ with Drinks

Sofa Academy, the Power of Google Ads

Unlocking business growth: the Power of Google Ads

Adonis Anastasiou
Managing Director and Trainer
Adonis Business Academy

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly seeking new avenues for growth, and Google Ads stands out as a potent tool in their arsenal. This speech delves into the transformative power of Google Ads and its potential to unlock business growth. We'll explore how this advertising platform harnesses the vast reach and precision targeting capabilities of Google to connect companies with their ideal audience. From small startups to industry giants, we'll uncover success stories, strategies, and best practices that have yielded exceptional results.

Sofa Academy, the Power of Google Ads

Meeting Place

Our meeting will take place in our studio in Paphos

Alexandrou Papagou Ave 15,
Paphos 8027

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