Mindset Talks Vol. 5

Mindset Talks, Vol. 5

The Event

09 Dec 2023 16:00
Attikon Multicultural Space, Paphos

Mindset Talks is an event gathering where live talks and performances are shared. 4 hours filled with brilliant speakers and mind-blowing talks. The content of the event is filled with unique talks prepared independently, but all of them have the common goal of personal and business development. The event is organized by Growth Hacking Cyprus team and it lacks any religious or political agenda. The event will be in Greek.

The 3 Levels of Love

Nicolas Smyrnakis
Writer, Creator of IslandofMan Philosophy,
Founder of IslandofMan Academy

From the moment we are born and cling to our mother's chest, until the day we take our last breath, one thing we seek is love. Essentially, there is one emotion, that of Love. People give it various names: tenderness, harmony, beauty, happiness, recognition, gratitude, compassion, care, understanding, forgiveness, but essentially, deep down, that's what we seek. We mainly get consumed by how we will receive love. This is just one of its levels. We also forget that when love is acquired, it's not lost. It merely changes forms. In the end, we primarily seek it through sex, entertainment, material goods, social networks, toxic relationships, money, success, drugs, judgments, depreciation, and negative commentary. Indeed, if we dug a bit deeper, how different would our lives be?

The Science of Reasoning

Dr. Angelos Rodafinos
Academic Psychologist, Behaviour Change Specialist
Author Idiots are Invincible & Prince to Frog … and Vice Versa.

Ever wonder why areas with more nightclubs also tend to have more churches? Are you curious about how humans think and make decisions? Join me on an entertaining and interactive exploration of how our minds work, and how to think more logically. Gain powerful insights into cognitive biases and logical fallacies that cloud judgment. Through engaging examples and exercises, sharpen your logical thinking and ability to analyze arguments. Uncover strategies for clearer thinking on any subject. Leave empowered to avoid being misled and to think more clearly on important issues, from personal relationships to health, money, and politics.

The stage is yours

Paola Hadjilambri
Awarded Actress, Speaker, Investors Relations,
Marketing, PR & Social Media Consultant

If you were to ask professionals about their most prevalent fear today, it's often the daunting prospect of going live on stage or speaking before an audience. It's a common fear, but one that can be conquered and overcome with ease and enjoyment. Paola, through her interactive seminars, embarks on a journey with her audience, encouraging their active participation in various exercises designed to unleash their potential and enhance their communication and presentation skills. From mastering body language and vocal tone to making captivating eye contact and dressing appropriately, Paola uses her theatrical techniques to unveil creative methods for confidently taking the stage and delivering a remarkable presentation that captures the hearts, minds, and attention of the audience.

Modern Lawyering: From the Art of Rhetoric to Blockchain and AI

Dr. Charis Savvides
Grant Thornton Cyprus Partner,
Regulatory Compliance and Funds Services Leader

In this presentation, I will share my perspective on the significant role of young scholars in reshaping the foundations of the legal profession for the digital era. I will focus on how emerging legal minds can influence the future of law practice. I discuss how blockchain and artificial intelligence are changing legal ethics, client representation, and the practice of law itself.

Myrto Meletiou - Stelios Antoniou

Entertainment and Music 

Myrto Meletiou
Vocal Performer, Musical Theatre & Dance Artist

Stelios Antoniou
Vocal Performer & Guitarist

Content that CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Not only a post for likes. 

Spyros Andrianos
Men of Style Founder
Awarded Manager, Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Content that CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Not only a post for likes.
How we managed to leverage the power of social media in an omni-channel approach to make Men of Style, the most well-known and respected self-help brand in Greece and impact thousands of lives, EVEN SAVE SOME of them by providing value and delivering impactful content.

The sperm that reached the top...

Christos Theodorou
Show-Speaker and Trainer
Winners Mindset / Author 

Throughout this presentation, I will engage with you personally, actively sharing my perspective and experiences. I aim to convey the notion that failures, often feared and avoided, are, in fact, the most vital stepping stones on the journey to success. They serve as invaluable teachers, shaping us, and preparing us for the ascent to the summit of our ambitions. By embracing and learning from our setbacks, we can harness their transformative power, using them as vehicles to propel us toward our goals and dreams. So, let's delve into this essential topic, exploring how our failures can truly be our greatest allies in the pursuit of excellence.

Evagoras Evagorou HR Consultant, Executive Coach Published Author

The most precious thing in the world

Evagoras Evagorou
HR Consultant, Executive Coach
Best-Selling Author

The audience will enjoy a ‘train journey’. We will make sure the correct coordinates are entered and will begin a journey to the illuminating stations of our lives. What we will find and who we will meet at the stations along the way will determine whether we will open our hearts again. During the darkest parts of our journey, where even the train's powerful headlights flickered like a candle in the wind, some luminous passengers will magically appear to light our way, get us back on track, and help us to complete the mission – to discover: the most precious thing in the world!

Dr Savvas Chatzichristofis Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation Professor of AI  Neapolis University Pafos

Our Presenter

Dr. Savvas Chatzichristofis
Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation Professor of AI
Neapolis University Pafos

Dr. Savvas Chatzichristofis is a distinguished academic and visionary leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the Vice-Rector of Research and Innovation and a Professor of AI at Neapolis University Pafos, he stands at the forefront of cutting-edge research and technological advancements. His commitment to fostering research and innovation has established him as a key influencer and educator, shaping the future of AI and inspiring the next generation of researchers and technologists.


After Party at VIVAT bar and more

Meet & Greet After Party

VIVAT Bar & More
Evagora Pallikaridi 63, Paphos
Meet & Greet with the presenters

Join us for the Mindset Talks Vol.5 afterparty at VIVAT Bar & More, a few Steps away from Attikon! Get ready to network with like-minded individuals, including Meet and Greet with our presenters. Enjoy delicious drinks and food, in a vibrant atmosphere with our incredible Music Band Myrto Meletiou & Stelios Antoniou. See you at VIVAT Bar & More, where the magic continues! Don't miss out on the ultimate afterparty experience.

Attikon multicultural space Leoforos Evagora Pallikaridi, 38 Paphos, Cyprus

Our Venue

Attikon Multicultural Space
Leoforos Evagora Pallikaridi, 38
Paphos, Cyprus

This historic building in Paphos that for decades sealed the social and cultural life of the city has recently been transformed into a modern conference center and a multi-cultural space. The renovated building is the site that housed one of the oldest and most historic cinemas in the city. With a capacity of around 220 seats Attikon has a lot of space to make sure there is a safe distance between everyone attending.








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