Mindset Talks Vol. 6
Effective Parenting

Mindset Talks Vol. 6 - Effective Parenting

The Event

07 Apr 2024 16:00
Attikon Multicultural Space, Paphos

Growth Hacking Cyprus organizes the 6th Charity Mindset Talks, where 6 distinguished speakers will share their experiences, know-how, and ideas live on stage through short speeches. The content of the event will be about ways, techniques, and advice on how to become better parents. The event is supported by the Municipality of Paphos. The ticket cost for the event is €20 and all net proceeds will go to the Kivotos Foundation. The event will be in Greek.

Mindset Talks Vol. 6 - Effective Parenting

All net Profit will be donated to the KIVOTOS Foundation!

Kivotos Foundation (registry number 278) was created on the initiative of parents of children with disabilities, identifying the lack of a similar center to provide coordinated and specialized therapeutic interventions to children. The goal of the "Kivotos" Foundation is psychological support, continuous and correct information to the family, and the provision of specialized treatments with proper planning. A well-trained team consisting of a speech therapist, physiotherapist, special educator, psychologist, and occupational therapist, after evaluating each child, sets therapeutic goals and implements personalized treatment programs adapted to their needs. The program is implemented by one or more specialists if this is deemed necessary in a functional and pleasant space. Specifically, each treatment deals with Speech therapy: which deals with the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of speech and speech disorders.

Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Behavior is communication! Actions speak.

Evangelia Demetriou

Psychotherapist - Family Therapist
Counseling Children & Young People

Bad behavior or a cry for help? What are our children trying to tell us, but they can't find the words? When behavior speaks louder than words, does it compel us to listen? A speech introduction to the decoding of child and adolescent behavior. In what ways do our children often speak? What are they trying to say? Are they naughty, mean, spoiled, reactive, annoying? Or do they suffer inside or need something from us, but cannot find the words to express it? By answering many of these questions, we can become our children's companions and guides, building healthy and honest relationships. And not their punishers and tamers, thus creating relations of power and submission, with all the consequences that this entails!!

Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Raising tomorrow's leaders

Christiana Genie

Leadership & Self-discovery Coach
Specializing on parenting

The development of our children's character begins from the moment they are born, with parents being the primary influencers. As parents, our aim is not to mold perfect adults but to nurture individuals who can navigate life with confidence and self-assurance. When we speak of leadership, it's not about every child becoming a president or manager, but about equipping them with the skills to make confident decisions and forge a path of peace and success as they mature.

Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Meal Planning and Preparation for Busy Families

Stefanos Machucas

Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist
Sports Dietitian, MSc

Share practical tips and strategies for meal planning and preparation to help busy parents provide nutritious meals for their children, even on hectic schedules.

Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Entertainment and Music

Savvas Chrysostomou

Vocal Performer & Guitarist

Polys Ioannides 

Vocal Performer & Guitarist


Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Building bridges: Enhancing communication between parents and children 

Marigeorgia Voskaridou

Personal & Career
Development Counsellor

The impact of parents in shaping children's personalities is profound, significantly influencing their growth and decision-making processes. Cultivating independence and competence in children depends on creating a nurturing, supportive environment and fostering effective communication.

Mindset Talks Vol. 6 - Effective Parenting

Who is in control of my parenting? My inner child or my adult self? 

Evangelia Alexiou

Counseling Psychologist
BSc of Philosophy, Pedagogy & Psychology, BSc of Psychology, MSc Multicultural Education & MSc Counseling Psychology

What do we mean when we talk about our inner child? What role does it play in my life as an adult and as a parent? From the day we come into the world our unconscious beliefs begin to be formed. These deeply rooted unconscious beliefs hold information about ourselves, the world around us, and our relationships with others. These beliefs are formed through the experiences we have as children, and they shape how we think, feel, and behave as adults, determining our parenting style among other things. But how does our inner child emerge? Are we able to recognize when our inner child is leading us to repeat dysfunctional patterns of parenting from our childhood? Is there a way to "heal" the inner child and find healthier ways to connect with our children?

Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Unlocking Potential: Key Principles for Parents Fostering their Children's Sporting Journey

Thanasis Mastoris

Atlanta’s Basketball Coach
BA of Sports Science

The relationship between children and sports is crucial for their holistic development. The children as a new generation through sports, can create solid foundations for the society of the future. What do you believe should be the relationship of our children with Sports? This presentation will demonstrate some key principles for parents, to consider to foster a positive and beneficial relationship between their children and sports. Learn how you can develop a beautiful relationship with your children, and how we, as parents should behave so that our young people can gain the real benefits of sports!

Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Our Presenter

Maria Panagiotou

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist,
Life Coach, Certified Trainer (HRDA)


Mindset Talks Vol. 6

Meet & Greet After Party

VIVAT Bar & More
Evagora Pallikaridi 63, Paphos
Meet & Greet with the presenters

Join us for the Mindset Talks Vol.6 afterparty at VIVAT Bar & More, a few Steps away from Attikon! Get ready to network with like-minded individuals, including Meet and Greet with our presenters. Enjoy delicious drinks and food, in a vibrant atmosphere with our incredible Music Band Myrto Meletiou & Stelios Antoniou. See you at VIVAT Bar & More, where the magic continues! Don't miss out on the ultimate afterparty experience.

Mindset Talks Vol. 6 - Effective Parenting

Our Venue

Attikon Multicultural Space
Leoforos Evagora Pallikaridi, 38
Paphos, Cyprus

This historic building in Paphos that for decades sealed the social and cultural life of the city has recently been transformed into a modern conference center and a multi-cultural space. The renovated building is the site that housed one of the oldest and most historic cinemas in the city. With a capacity of around 220 seats, Attikon has a lot of space to make sure there is a safe distance between everyone attending.







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