Sofa Academy
3 steps to master your business

Sofa Academy, 3 steps to master your business

The Event

16 Feb 2024 19:00
Growth Hacking Cyprus Studio, Paphos

You are invited to join us for the upcoming Sofa Academy session, focusing on "How to Master Your Business" scheduled for Friday, 16th of February 2024, at our Paphos studio. Stavros Zenonos one of Life Mastery Training's Co-Founders, passionate about sales and leadership development, brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique approach to empowering sales professionals.


Sofa Academy, 3 steps to master your business

3 steps to master your business.

Stavros Zenonos
serial entrepreneur
speaker, and investor

We will talk about the mindset and attitude you need to have to start a business and how important knowledge is. Last we will emphasize more on what are those steps that make you more productive!


Sofa Academy, 3 steps to master your business

Meeting Place

Our training session will take place in our studio in Paphos

Alexandrou Papagou Ave 15,
Paphos 8027

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