Sofa Talks
Crypto Explained

Sofa Talks, Crypto Explained

The Event

18 Feb 2022 18:00
Growth Hacking Cyprus Studio, Paphos

Sofa Talks is an event gathering where talks are recorded in a studio and are shared on-line. Imagine an hour filled with brilliant speakers experts in their own fields covering cryptocurrencies from different angles and participants having the opportunity to have their questions answered. Our experts will be an academic, a lawyer, a trader and an entrepreneur! An academic who teaches blockchain and understands job opportunities in Cyprus. A lawyer that deeply understands where we stand legally. A trader with multi year experience that has traded crypto the past few years! An entrepreneur running an actual business in cyprus based on blockchain technologies! The event will be in Greek!

The Academic Perspective

Panagiotis Christodoulou
PhD in Computer Engineering and Informatics
Neapolis University Lecturer in Blockchain technologies

Sofa Talks, Crypto Explained

The Legal Perspective

Christiana Aristidou
Technology Lawyer
President of Technology Committee of Cyprus Bar Association
Blockchain/National Delegate to ISO TC 307

The Investment Perspective

Petros Petrou
Bachelor of Electronics and Computer Engineering University of Surrey, UK
Business consultant and loyalty specialist
Crypto enthousiast and trader since 2018

The Business Perspective

Angelos Hadjiphilippou
Technology Entrepreneur
IT Director @ Beep Xtra Ltd

Sofa Talks, Crypto Explained

The Place

Sofa Talks will take place in our recording studio in Paphos

Alexandrou Papagou Ave 15,
Paphos 8027

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